Am Heerberg Acht - an exhibition in the Doppelganger Series by British artist Lesley Sandles






Am Heerberg Acht, an exhibition piece from the Doppelganger Series by British Artist LESLEYSANDLES Copyright 2006 © LESLEYSANDLES. All Rights Reserved

Am Heerberg Acht

The Doppelganger was made during my student days at Reading University to my exact body measurements. She was there in my finals exhibition, along with the masks and the body casts, to challenge the male-orientated expectations society had of little women like me.

This was over thirty years ago when human consciousness was not the hot topic in science faculties. Before cognitive scientists had discovered the existence of mirror-neurons and body maps in the brain. Before our clones beckoned.

Copyright 2007 © LESLEYSANDLES. All Rights Reserved.