Am Heerberg Acht - an exhibition in the Doppelganger Series by British artist Lesley Sandles






Am Heerberg Acht, an exhibition piece from the Doppelganger Series by British Artist LESLEYSANDLES Copyright 2006 © LESLEYSANDLES. All Rights Reserved

Am Heerberg Acht

Am Heerberg Acht is the stage for a double confusion.

A distant “there and then” has been deliberately misconstrued into a 16-metre length of “here and now.” The foreign and the familiar are fused into a common framework. A household is now held inside-out. Those once-upon-a-times cover over one hundred and eighty of someone else’s square feet.

The human body is the basis of all our knowledge. This is the scale we are truly able to “understand.” The world is known by and through our bodies. We are the measure of all things.

But where do we find the measure of ourselves? How can we know the scale of the entity we call our "self?"

We can try to conjure ourselves up from the generalities of collective comparison. We can attempt to model ourselves into the mean average of mankind. But our senses will always seek out the specific.

Am Heerberg Acht is a stage. And someone will enter through a doorway and find they are already there.

Copyright 2007 © LESLEYSANDLES. All Rights Reserved.